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Total Solutions and Investment Academy combine training activities

AMSTERDAM – As of 23 January 2018, Total Solutions has combined its training activities with Investment Academy. This joining of forces gives Total Solutions direct access to the wide area of expertise of Investment Academy and offers Investment Academy –apart from of 15 years of training history – important accreditations at national and international institutes and access to the broad network of Total Solutions.

Bob Emanuels, managing director of Investment Academy, will lead and further develop the cooperation. “We are glad that we have found the strong partner in Total Solutions we have been looking for. With this we are taking a major step in the expansion of our teacher team, enabling us to offer a wider range of training. Apart from obvious synergy effects, we mainly see new growth opportunities in Europe through this cooperation”, says Emanuels.

Robi Dattatreya, Founder and Business Development Manager: “These past few years almost 75,000 jobs were lost at financial service providers. Presently we are noticing the labour market is more or less stabalizing”.

Nora de Groot, Managing Director of Total Solutions says: “The far-reaching automation in the financial sector ensures that on the job training is becoming increasingly difficult. Through the cooperation with Investment Academy we can continue to offer our clients and our own consultants direct access to job-specific training”.


Investment Academy B.V. was founded in 2003 and provides a wide range of training courses for professionals in the financial industry. In addition, Investment Academy offers specialised training to prepare financial, risk and investment professionals for internationally recognised certification.

Total Solutions Europe B.V. has been active in the market since 2001 and specialises in professionals for banks and financial institutions. Total Solutions offers recruitment, temporary staff, outplacement and training services for this segment.

Our clients include: central banks, trade banks, investment banks, clearing and settlement companies, pension funds, insurers, risk managers, investment managers, asset managers, trading firms, brokers, accountants, national authorities, hedge funds and many more financial and investment professionals.


More information:
Investment Academy:
Bob Emanuels: 020-80 80 218

Total Solutions:
Robi Dattatreya: 020-530 43 80

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